My Story

My name is Nuno, a typical Portuguese name. I am the owner and founder of TRAFATOURS, and I provide sightseeing trips throughout the country.

I was born and raised in a small fishing village on the other side of the river Tagus, called Trafaria, right in front of Lisbon. I left my career of 20 years as a lifeguard, to become a tour organizer in Lisbon with a tuk-tuk.

For 2 years I met people from all over the world, who marveled at the history and heritage of Lisbon and Portugal. During those 2 years, I discovered that Lisbon is beautiful, but the rest of the country is equally unique and breathtaking.

Then came the idea of ​​creating TRAFATOURS.

As a motorcyclist, I made hundreds of trips in my beautiful country and I know Portugal from north to south. I learned the best places to visit; where to eat, rivers and lagoons to swim, amazing beaches, monuments, castles, and landscapes with never-ending views.

TRAFATOURS was born from a passion for traveling and the desire to offer the most wonderful experiences to everyone who wants to know my country, which can only be provided by someone who knows and loves Portugal and touring it.

I am an experienced and dynamic professional who wants to offer the best to my clients. The total satisfaction of my clients is my objective and I offer a service designed to the preferences of each individual tour.

The comfort of my new vehicle will provide you with a pleasant and very safe ride. Your visit to Portugal will be an unforgettable experience with me, and that will certainly make you come back.

Feel free to contact me.

See you soon!

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